3 hours per session, 1st hour will teach them how to think like a dog

The Professional Dog Training Service in West Chester, PA Your Little Friend Needs!

After more than 25 years in the dog training industry, I have had the pleasure of working with dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and temperaments. The experience I have gained has enabled me to develop my skills and the ability to gain the trust of any dog making interaction and training possible. My primary area of expertise is dog obedience, problem-solving, behavior modifications, and special dog training. It all starts with obedience as a way to lay the foundations for effective communication between you and your dog so that you can later develop its character and thinking. At I Teach Dogs, I understand pet owners often face certain behavioral issues with their little friends, so I developed a special program that utilizes both classical and operant conditioning to address adverse responses and evoke acceptance patterns leading to positive behaviors. With my services in West Chester, PA, you get the complete cycle all the way from normative training to behavior modification and personality development. The result is a happy, healthy, and well-mannered dog!

Dog Trainer

There When You Need Me

Many clients come to me because their dogs exhibit aggressive behavior, excessive barking, jumping, and pulling on the lead when they take them out for a walk or even when they are in the comfort of their own homes. Others turn to me because they understand the importance of having a reliable dog trainer to help their best friend make the transition from getting into mischief to getting into healthy habits. For these and many other occasions, you can trust my accumulated experience, impeccable reputation, and endless string of satisfied 4-pawed clients and their owners under my belt!

What You Need to Know About My Work Process

My top priority is seeing progress and the satisfaction of my clients in West Chester, PA. With me, sessions normally take about 3 hours and include custom made activities based on the needs and specific characteristics of your dog. At I Teach Dogs, I always dedicate time during training to help you forge a strong bond with your little friend as I know first-hand how important that is.

The Areas I Serve

I provide services to customers from the following areas:

  • West Chester, PA
  • Caswallen, PA
  • West Goshen, PA
  • Windon, PA
  • Westmount, PA
  • Woodcock Farm, PA

Are you in need of a dog training service provider you can trust? For any questions, additional information, or appointment requests – I am here to answer your calls! Your dog will thank you later!

Client’s Testimonial

by Mary B. & Family on I Teach Dogs
Amazing Experiences & Well-Behaved Dog/s

This testimonial is long overdue, but a recent call to “I Teach Dogs” has prompted me to post. Some 16 years ago, we found John Ford (I Teach Dogs) through our veterinarian when we asked who could help us train our newly adopted, one year old, rescue dog Buddy (a Rhodesian/pit bull cross). At the time, we needed to learn both oral and hand commands because my husband had ALS and was losing his ability to speak. Because of John’s amazing expertise as a teacher of dogs (and humans) we learned the importance of consistency, language choice, body language, and so many other strategies all mixed in with John’s philosophy of teaching dogs (and their humans). Although both Buddy and my husband are no longer with us – their lives together were so much more enjoyable and enriched because of the John’s teaching and willingness to consult via phone even after us in-person training. Actually, sometimes it felt like a miracle to watch our 80 lb. dog sit obediently, unmoving because of one hand command. So . . . why am I posting now?
Recently, my daughter, Clare and I were discussing her dog’s behavior. Her pit bull cross, Charlie, is typically a well-behaved and friendly dog; however, in the past few months he’d shown aggressive behavior towards two different dogs in two separate incidents. Clare remembered John Ford. We both wondered if he was still around because we knew if he was, he could offer some sage advice and practical tips for helping Clare to train Charlie. Thanks to the internet, we found “I Teach Dogs” and John Ford, again. Once again, he gave of his time and shared his wisdom and practical strategies. Many thanks go to John for his generosity of spirit and for sharing his knowledge of animal and human behavior for the betterment of all. Mary B.,Clare, Buddy, Charlie, & Family

I Teach Dogs
Address: , West Chester, PA 19380
Phone: (610) 692-9387

  • Obedience
  • Problem solving
  • Behavior modifications

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